Saturday, January 31, 2015

Mila Kunis vs Channing Tatum dalam Jupiter Ascending

Penggemar film genre thriller dan  drama sekaligus science fiction akan dimanjakan dengan digelarnya film Jupiter Ascending pada awal Februari 2015. Beraksi dalam film tersebut dua bintang muda cantik pujaan jutaan penggemarnya, si ganteng Channing Tatum dan si jelita Mila Kunis. Channing Tatum akan memerankan Caine dan Mila Kunis akan memerankan Jupiter Jones. 

Jupiter Jones lahir di bawah naungan langit malam, dengan nubuat alias tanda-tanda bahwa ia ditakdirkan untuk hal-hal besar. Saat tumbuh, Jupiter bermimpi datang bintang. Tapi ia bangun dengan realitas yang jauh dari harapan. Pekerjaannya adalah membersihkan toilet! Ya, ya si cantik Mila Kunis harus rela membersihkan kotoran dari orang-orang kaya. Hidupnya tak tentu dan berujung dengan malam yang menakutkan.

Di sisi lain, Caine adalah seorang jenius ahli rekayasa genetika yang mantan militer. Ia datang dari planet lain dan di Bumi untuk melacaknya. Jupiter mulai merasa dialah yang dicari.  Ia semula tidak percaya. Namun berbagai peristiwa akhirnya membuktikan bahwa dialah yang ditakdirkan untuk mengubah dunia dan memperbaiki keseimbangan kosmos di jagat raya.

Selain Channing Tatum dan Mila Kunis, film Jupiter Ascending juga dibintangi oleh Eddie Redmayne (sebagai Balem) dan  Sean Bean sebagai Stinger. Film ini disutradari oleh dua bersaudara Andy Wachowski dan Lana Wachowski. Kedua pegiat film itu juga yang  menulis skenarionya. Duo sutradara tersebut juga sudah terkenal dengan garapannya film box office The Matrix (1999) dan Cloud Atlas (2012).

Saturday, December 6, 2014

A Little Story aboout my Acne

In case acne wasn't poor sufficient, now you have acne scars like a constant reminder and long term blemishes! Hmm! Acne may bring straight down your own self-esteem and self-confidence.

Now that the skin lesions have stopped, they left the tag in order to remind a person of the holiday they had on your face for some time. Marks tend to be emotionally damaging and can impact your own social life. Using makeup in order to erase the complexion is really a luxurious some people use. However it continues to be just a hide. When you get up each morning, your own acne scars will be there. That is a depressing thought. Your own personal life as well as your confidence in a job or school can feel limited.

There are different types of acne scars. Some tend to be pits or divots in to the skin. Other types tend to be staining marks in various colors and designs. An additional kind is really a raised scar tissue.

In the beginning, the marks may look pink or purplish. This particular staining is through the blood vessels bringing nutrients towards the injured skin to provide this using the means to heal. The actual production associated with collagen is then applied. Eating healthy meals and consuming plenty of drinking water will help the body in order to heal quicker. Supplying your own bloodstream along with vitamins and minerals, will market cell regeneration. Start treating as soon as possible for any quicker recovery period.

Time does heal and diminish marks, however do you know the choices to eliminate acne scars fast?

Skin doctors have methods to eliminate acne scars fast. Laser treatments and microdermabrasion tend to be a good example of methods they are doing.

To get rid of acne scars fast normally, you need to take a constant and focused effort. The greater constant you're, the quicker they are going to diminish.

The usage of oils is definitely an ancient art that is easily accessible today. Service provider oils such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut essential oil, and almond essential oil tend to be therapeutic naturally and they are recovery towards the pores and skin. Lavender, increased, and frankincense within their oil form help prevent skin damage. Apply the oils many times a day daily.

Using a natural dependent skin care program will aid in falling acne scars. Keeping your face clean and well developed will market healthy cell restoration. Exfoliating a few times a week will slough off dead pores and skin cells and encourage new cells to come towards the surface. A toner is a superb item in order to even the staining and tone of the marks. Moisturize morning and evening to safeguard the epidermis and to sustain cell growth.